Trans Am Depot Introduces Firebird GTO Conversion Kit

Pontiac Firebird GTO Conversion Kit

Trans Am Depot launched a conversion kit at the 2009 SEMA show for Chevrolet Camaro, which warmly turned itself from a contemporary Bumblebee muscle to an iteration that was much similar to Pontiac Firebird. In fact, they named it as Phoenix Trans Am.


After 20 months, the tuner is again back for its next Pontiac conversion kit based on Camaro. This time, a classic car is set to draw attention i.e. 1969 GTO Judge. The new conversion kit has received a lot of styling elements, which also include a bespoke front end with its own split grille.

The car has also received a revised hood with air scoops, a restyled ‘old-school’ trunk available with a small rear wing, a new tail lamp, a new set of alloy wheels, and quad tail pipes. The work of Trans Am Depot is basically called the ‘6T9 Goat’.

The concept of this work – 6T9 Goat was logically created by Kevin Morgan, a designer in plans to detain the look and feel of the classic 69 GTO Judge. This is what the Grand Am Depot was stated. It was also said that many people have considered the 1969 GTO as among the top ten muscle car of all time. From this fall, this newly bodied muscle car will be available to cater the modern day segment by incorporating a look of yesteryear, but a modern technology of today that offers convenience.

Enthusiasts of classic GTO Judge and Camaro as well might feel proud to drive a kit version of the old classic. However, as per the market reviews in recent years, one thing has been found that there are many people who still pay for conversion kits, though it is not the real thing which they get at the end.

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