Pontiac Museum Addition

 The Pontiac-Oakland Museum & Resource Center, 205 N. Mill St. Pontiac, Illinois has announced that a very special automobile related to Pontiac history will go on display in the museum. The car is the earliest known Pontiac race car, successfully competing for the first time in August 1926, Pontiac’s introduction year. This one-of-a-kind Pontiac will be delivered to the museum by the owners, Arnold & Lois Landvoigt, of Savage, Maryland on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 1:30pm. Anyone wishing to see and hear the car run should come to the museum at that time. The Landvoigts are leaving the car to be displayed at the museum for nearly a year.

On August 14, 1926 at the Sherrill Hill Climb, Sherrill, New York the Pontiac hill climb racer first saw competition. It finished first in class, the earliest known competition in an organized event by any Pontiac. The Landvoigts have done extensive research documenting the history of the car, followed by a complete and detailed restoration. In 2010 the car received its Grand National Senior Award from the Antique Automobile Association of America. The restoration attempted to conserve the somewhat rough fit and finish as the car was raced, based upon original photographs and ‘as found’ condition. A conscious effort was made not to refinish the machine to a level at which it never existed.

Museum Director, Tim Dye said “This is exactly the caliper of car we strive to have on display here at the museum. It is a unique and rare glimpse into Pontiac’s early history, enhancing the experience visitors have at the museum. I want to thank the Landvoigts for their generosity in giving up the car so it can be on display here”.


2001 Trans Am of Debbi Weiler

The November 2011 issue’s featured car is the 2001 Trans Am of Debbi Weiler. Here is a story:

I hosted some of my company’s sales people from our Pennsylvania location a couple of summers ago. I took them from San Jose, CA to Santa Cruz, CA for dinner. The best way to get there is via Highway 17, which is very steep and very windy. I drove conservatively on the way there, however, on the way back, at dusk, I opened her up. Needless to say they got quite a thrill and were a tad shaken. None of them want to go for a ride anymore, I wonder why?