2000 Trans Am Ram Air of Carole A. Harris

 My name is Howard Harris and I am writing about your new member # 14 – 9081, Carole A Harris. Carole Ann has loved Trans Am’s all her life. Her first new car, she ever bought, was a new 1975 Trans Am. In 1987, she wanted another new car, so she bought a brand new ’87 Trans Am. In 1994, same thing, she bought a new ’94 Trans Am. Again, in 2000, she bought a new 2000 Trans Am Ram Air, which she still has today.

Carole Ann fell a few years ago and has not driven her Trans Am in over two years. Hopefully with some encouragement from you guys and her family, we can get her behind the wheel of her Trans Am again.

2000TACaroleHarris 2000TACaroleHarris3