’80 Formula of Thomas Germaine

A featured car is the ‘80 Formula of Thomas Germaine. Here is the story:

In 1979 my father bought a white/blue Firebird Formula. He had the car a couple of years but due to a job layoff he lost the car and I was absolutely devastated as one day that car was supposed to be mine. In 1984, I found a 1980 Formula in the same configuration only a WS6 so I had my car back. Due to my own stupidity and the influence of my girlfriend at the time, I traded my ‘80 Formula in for an IROC-Z in 1988.

I had always kicked myself and had hoped to one day to get my car back. In March of 2014, I was searching thru AutoTrader and found a 1980 white/blue Formula with Hobnail interior which was a 2 owner car that was well cared for and obviously loved. I grabbed a U-Haul trailer and drove to Louisiana the next day to take her home. Being rejoined with the Formula now that I am in my mid 40s absolutely brought a tear to my eye. It started out with no brakes and a clogged carb. Today the car is being modernized mechanically and handles well with Hotchkis Suspension with YearOne 17×9 Snowflake Rims.

The AC was removed and that is my next goal and since I live in Texas, summertime driving can be exhausting with temperatures over 100 degrees on many days. Shown hers are photos of my current formula, my high school formula and my dad’s car. We are truly a Pontiac Family.

Firebird Formula of Thomas Germaine Firebird Formula and IROC-Z of Thomas Germaine '80 Formula of Thomas Germaine  '80 Formula of Thomas Germaine '80 Formula of Thomas Germaine