2006 All Firebird Lawn Show Report & Photos

I’m happy to report that the 4th Annual Firebird Lawn Show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum was a complete success! The weather was almost perfect-sunny, warm and not too humid. This year’s show was the largest to date- 109 Firebirds, T/As, Firehawks, GTAs showed up in Saratoga from 9 states and Canada to share our love of Firebirds and raise money for the Special Olympics. A total of 4100 dollars was raised, another show record.

Some of the cars at the show were-a 74 SD 455, a Notchback GTA, Notchback Formula, a #2 of 6 2002 Mecham Trans Am, 80,81, 89,96 pace cars, a Father (20th anniv. T/A) and Son (25th anniv. T/A), a 67 Firebird stuffed with a built 455, KITT, Bandits- most of them met up at a hotel and arrived at the show in one long line!! A bone stock 80 turbo Bandit T/A… well not exactly, under the hood was a twin turbocharged 455 putting out 848 hp at the rear wheels!! WOW. Talk about a sleeper!! Yes the owner had the dyno paper work to back up those numbers. Once again the quality of cars was amazing.

I’d like to thank my fellow NFTAC members who made it to the show. Also the members of Firebird Nation of North America who attended and Trans Am Country- many who drove three, four and up to eight hours to get to the show.

Thanks to Rob, Frank and NFTAC for providing items for the show. Hope to see you at the next show on July 7, 2007.

Keith Fuerst

2 thoughts on “2006 All Firebird Lawn Show Report & Photos”

  1. 1978 red trans am, original engine, rebuilt transmission, bright red, kinda like the one above. Needs a good home. For sale, chicago area.
    any suggestions?

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