‘70 Trans Am of Bob Himes from Spring City, Pennsylvania


I’ve been a Pontiac guy nearly my whole life. I grew up street racing a 1969 GTO, and along the way I’ve owned a 1976 Trans Am and a 1983 Trans Am. I currently own a 1965 Tri power GTO.

Last August, I was sitting out back on a Friday night with my wife enjoying a beverage when my friend Mike called. He asked if I was interested in going in on a car with him to work on over the winter and flip in the spring. He said he thought of me because the car he found was a Pontiac. After asking him several questions about his find, I realized that he may have found one of my dream cars – a 1970 Trans Am. I told Mike if it’s what I think it is, I want the car for myself! He thought I was crazy, but he was excited for me.

The following Monday, I met up with Mike to check out the car. As the garage door was opened, my eyes feast upon a Polar White 1970 TA RAIII 4-speed. The car had been sitting in that garage since 1998! The car showed 56k miles on the matching numbers engine. It had some light surface rust on the body, but otherwise it was solid. After extensively inspecting the car and finding no issues, I did some quick negotiating and loaded the car on to our trailer.

I decided to do a complete frame off restoration since it is, after all, one of my dream cars. We dropped the frame, disassembled the suspension and sent it out for media blasting. The engine was broken down, and completely rebuilt to stock. Everything on the engine was rebuilt instead of replaced to try and keep it as original as possible. While that was being worked on, the car was sent to the body shop for a strip down, body work and paint. This is a good time to mention I also sent out all the chrome to Speed Sport Chrome who advertises in the back of the Eagle. Craig did an amazing job on it.

During the restoration, we had an amazing thing happen. I purchased the car in August, but sadly my Mom passed away in September. After her passing, I told my family that I was dedicating the car to her and so I named the car “Carol”. Everyone loved the idea! Then, when the interior was starting to be disassembled, the glove box door was removed and there written in white marker from the factory was the name “Carol”. Talk about being speechless! At that point, my wife declared it was meant to be.

Carol’s restoration is now complete. My wife and I enjoy taking her out for weekend drives. She looks, runs, and handles incredibly. Ride on Carol!

Bob Himes
Spring City, PA

‘70 Trans Am of Bob Himes from Spring City, Pennsylvania
‘70 Trans Am of Bob Himes from Spring City, Pennsylvania
‘70 Trans Am of Bob Himes from Spring City, Pennsylvania

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