Should Pontiac's RWD coupe to be called the Trans Am?

In its latest issue, Winding Road calls the fact that Pontiac will get its own rear-wheel

drive coupe based on the same Zeta architecture (sorry, “Global RWD platform” is the new official name) used by the upcoming Camaro is a “poorly kept secret”. We weren’t aware the decision to give Pontiac a piece of the pie was so solid, but are pleased to hear the news nonetheless.

When a new rear-wheel drive Pontiac debuts sometime around 2010 as a 2011 model, however, what should it be called? The obvious choice is to reuse the GTO moniker that was controversially slapped on the back of a Holden Monaro coupe and sold in the U.S. from 2003 to 2006. But what’s a Camaro without a Firebird Trans Am twin, we ask? GM still retains the rights to those names, and as the speculative rendering above done by Poblete proves, Burt Reynolds’ most famous ride looks damn good updated for the new millennium! I’ll be honest with everyone, I’ve never been the new Camaro’s #1 fan in terms of design, but I could get behind a Trans Am that looks good, screaming chicken and all.

by John Neff

If you agree let GM and Pontiac know at General Motors Corporation, Box 33170, Detroit, MI 48232 or 480-210-701 or .

New Firebird New Trans Am

3 thoughts on “Should Pontiac's RWD coupe to be called the Trans Am?”

  1. This particular body style is a Firebird. Not a Lemans/GTO.

    What Pontiac has that is closest to what a GTO used to be is the Grand Prix.

    What we really need is a GTO package/option for either the Grand Prix or the Grand Am.

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to slap a GTO label on a Holden Monaro and market it as an American muscle car ought to get a good square kick in the butt.

    I’m not saying the Holden Monaro Coupe is a bad car. It’s a good car. But it’s not a GTO.

  2. trans am blk/beige t/p special ediction the same car should come back because all the olde cars are come back fiat camaro vox mini etc the somoking and bandite its hot car SPECIAL THE SEXY EAGLE AND POWER

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