‘95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener

‘95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener‘95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener‘95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener The August 2007 issue of the Eagle magazine’s (sent to club members) featured car is the ‘95 Trans Am convertible of Shelby Lauener. Here is the story:

Here are some pictures of my Trans Am. It is a 95 Trans Am convertible which I have converted to a WS6 with modifications. In the past four years the car has won 35 trophies at local car shows in Oklahoma. I drive the car a lot and have enjoyed meeting folks that like classic cars and trucks.

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  1. Hi,


    I have a very nice 2001 Trans Am for sale (rub red color with black leather interior, low miles at 39,000, garaged, and is immaculate inside and out). I live in Salt lake City, and if possible, would it be okay to post an ad for your club members?

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Craig Houmand

  2. I too have a 95 TA Convertible. Dark green with a wht top and interior. Love it but mine is completely stock to this point. I am not sure what “converted to a WS6 means”. Can you clue me in? I have a problem with water getting in my tail-lights and it doesn’t drain out. Do you or do other members of your club have this problem also and do you know a solution. Thanx in advance. Do you know of any clubs in my area?GpMoore

  3. Converted to WS6 means a suspension conversion to the WS6 type. I would suggest posting a question in the club message board regarding your taillights.

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