Prized Possessions

by Jack Witmer

Here are some photos of my prized possessions. The 2001 WS6 Trans Am is owner (me!) vehicle! It is sunset orange with a little over 50,000 miles on it. It runs like the day I bought it. I am 55 years old now and it is the only new car I have ever bought. Plans are that it will be mine until I die!

The ‘67 Firebird is a 326 with the Powerglide transmission. I bought this car on eBay at 4 in the morning with the help of a friend, Jack Daniels. The wife was pissed but got over it … eventually. I am currently restoring the entire interior. Next I will be replacing the entire suspension with NOS parts except for the Edelbrock performer shocks. The only other non-original parts are the Edelbrock chrome valve covers, air cleaner and the Hooker hearers. I have already cleaned up the (de-rustified) the engine bay and it should be ready for the car show season. When it is time for a repaint, I will be keeping it the original color which is a turquoise – maybe metallic with a couple coats of clear. 




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