’79 Trans Am of Joe Penniplede

 I bought the car from Rick Mclaughlin Trans Am Museum in Virginia,

It is a 1979 T-Top Black Trans Am with about 24,000 miles and has a 403 Olds Automatic. Rick Mclaughlin put on the gold strips and I recently found out from PHS the window sticker had the car listed with original vinyl camel tan interior but the car was customized with black vinyl interior. I love the car!


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  1. Beware of Rick Mcglaughlin and his company Trans am Museum because he is not who he says he is and will sell a car to you that he doesn’t evan own.If there are anybody else who has have issues with this buisness please let me know. thank you for your help.Rick took a deposit on the same pace car that was sold here on Barret Jackson.I begged this man to send me a bill of sale and never got a chance to purchase my dream car.

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