2012 All Firebird Lawn Show

by Tom and Sandy Smith

Our 10th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show held at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, New York. The show saw slightly less than 100 Firebirds on the show field in part due to concerns about weather but we still raised a lot of money for Special Olympics. Our All Firebird Cruise was also a success with protection from the New York State Police. We cruised from the Wilton Fire Department to the Saratoga PBA and had a blast with Crazy Herbs BBQ and a showing of Smokey and the Bandit! Many thanks go to FNONA VP Joe Carey for acquiring the cruise staging area Wilton FD lot, Saratoga PBA host venue and the projector to show the movie. A thank you also goes out to my friend Henry Gepfert for allowing us to use his sound system.

Financially, the show raised slightly less than $7,200.00 including income from Sponsors, Vendors, t-shirt sales, Pay Pal and check Pre-registrations, day of show cash donations, 50-50 raffle, silent auctions, spectator donations, etc., and FNONA, Inc. handed Special Olympics more than $6,000.00 including a club donation of more than $500. Show expenses included club show insurance, DJ payment, trophies, dash plaques, show t-shirts, printing costs, etc. As of this writing, FNONA, Inc. has given Special Olympics more than $42,500.00, an accomplishment for which I am very proud and thankful to all those who have helped Sandy and myself over the past 10 years.

After dozens and dozens of e-mails and five face to face meetings between myself, Special Olympics, and a third party promoter, I am sorry to say that negotiations fell apart and currently the future of the 2013 All Firebird Lawn Show looks dim. Although I agreed to stay on board for 2013 as co-organizer, mentor, and volunteer for an orderly transition into the future, the folks at Special Olympics Capital District Region and the third party promoter both felt that they could not dedicate the time and effort required to continue the show at the current level for 2013 and into the future. Therefore I am very sorry to say that as of this writing, we have all probably seen the last of the All Firebird Lawn Shows.

Do you want the Firebird Show to continue past 2012? Before you answer, are you willing to take on a leadership role? Are you willing to help? Are you willing to maintain a website, work with vendors and sponsors, are you willing to be a club officer and attend meetings? Are you willing to take on the complete role of show organizer where the buck and all decisions stop with you? You sign the agreement with venues, the agreement with show hotel, and the agreement with show insurers for liability insurance? If yes, then there is hope. If not, then it is over. Either way, it has been a great ride with no regrets, but Sandy and I are tired and need a rest. I thank you for your past support.

Tom and Sandy Smith

website: http://clubs.hemmings.com/firebirdnationofnorthamerica
email: tsmith24@earthlink.net

2012 All Firebird Lawn Show 2012 All Firebird Lawn Show 2012 All Firebird Lawn Show 2012 All Firebird Lawn Show

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