2007 TA Nationals

The 23rd annual Trans Am Nationals were held the weekend of August 24-26, 2007 in Dayton, Ohio. The staff of the National Firebird & T/A Club are always at this event because of the large number of Firebirds and Trans Ams that always are present. Sue Emmel and Becky Bayes and the rest of the “crew” did their usual fine job.

The turnout was great and Trans Ams as there were approximately 500 Firebirds and Trans Ams with many fine examples of all generations.

It was great to meet so many of our members at the show and we thank you for all of the many complements about the club itself.

A great time was had by the attendees and the 24th Annual Trans Am Nationals is scheduled for August 22-24, 2008. Take a look at all the great cars and we know we will see you there!

2 thoughts on “2007 TA Nationals”

  1. It would be nice to see some pictures of cars that attended the Nationals, other than just those that belong to the NFTAC. Reguardless of the mind set of your members, there are some really nice first generation car owners that attend the Nationals and they don’t get the recognition they deserve. I believe there are two reasons for this. (1) They are not members of your club and (2) They don’t own a second generation Trans Am. I don’t own a car and I don’t participate, but this is my observation over the past few years of attendance. I believe it is a conflict of interest to have members of the local club judging cars that their (Friends) members are regeistered in. It’s not fair to the other participants. If the local club members of the NFTAC are hosting the show, then none of the members of the local club should be allowed to participate as far as their car being judged. This is my opinion and I believe this should recieve strong consideration in order to improve the quality and participation of the Trans Am Nationals.

  2. You are wrong as the photos both in the magazine and blog are randomly chosen and most are not members of the NFTAC. Regardless the hosting club is not a local chapter of the NFTAC so there is no conflict of interest. The Dayton Chapter of the Trans Am Club of American hosts the TA Nationals not the NFTAC. They are an independent group. The Trans Am Club of America as a national organization no longer exists.


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