’67 Firebird of Claude Hrycaiko

Here are some photos that show a pictorial history of what I have done with the car since I bought it in the spring of 2012 at the Midnight on the Oasis Car Show in Yuma, Arizona (www.midnightattheoasis.net).  I had “The Golden Bird” registered for its show at the 2013 event . There are more photos at this website location: www.jimsrodshop.net/91.html .

The pictures I have attached are of my wife Betty and myself outside Jim’s Rod Shop in Yuma. Jim by the way has been building hot rods all his life in Yuma and started his career working on dragsters while in California at the tender age of 17.

There is quite a story in what we have had done to my Firebird as the car was in solid condition when I bought it with the exception of the engine.

It has the original (rebuilt now) factory air-conditioning unit and original interior with the exception of the upgraded sound system.

We decided to pull out the original 326 and replace it with a 400 cu.in from a 1968 Catalina. The engine was bored .30 over and a stroker kit added with Hooker Headers, new exhaust and Magnaflow mufflers. We changed the rear end to a 9″ and basically made my ‘67 Coupe into a muscle car.

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