'98 WS-6 of Lee Adanti

Lee & Sue Adanti’s 1998 WS-6 Convertible Lee & Sue Adanti’s 1998 WS-6 Convertible Lee & Sue Adanti’s 1998 WS-6 Convertible
The May 2008 issue of the National Firebird & T/A Club Eagle (the club member magazine) is the ‘98 WS-6 of Lee Adanti. Here is the story:

My ’98 WS-6 Convertible was noticed on the truck in May of 1998 as it was being delivered to Dearborn Pontiac in Dearborn Michigan. I happened to be out of town and my wife was getting our ’96 Grand Am serviced. She inquired about the car because it looked very unique to her. To make a long story short, she put a down payment and I completed the transaction once I came home and saw and drove it!

I have managed to do some research into it because I know the SLP/ASC did not do convertibles until later in the year. So here are some of the facts on its exclusivity:

Of the 3083 WS-6s built in 1998 360 were convertibles of which 86 were Red (confirmed through ASC). Only 18 of the red convertibles were made with the Taupe top and interior (most were Black).

Also, as you will recall, the SLP dual-dual exhaust system was available on the Camaro SS but to get it on a Firebird you had to order a Firehawk. That was the way SLP decided to make it exclusive. So as far as I know and can tell, I have the only Red ’98 WS-6 Taupe Convertible with the dealer installed dual-dual Firehawk exhaust.

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  1. I was inquiring about how in the April 20, 2008 “‘98 WS-6 of Lee Adanti” article, how he found out his information. I have a 99′ WS-6 convertible that I would like to find some information about.

  2. Robert, sorry it took almost two years to respond to you! I just now noticed your question. If you are still interested let me know. I used to work with ASC so that helped but alot of the production numbers are available on different sites. Let me know if you are still interested…better late than never?


  3. Hi
    I knew my car was rare when I bought it.360 is a lot rarer than I thought.Mine is black,single exhaust and I bought it new in late 98.

  4. Keep the single exhaust. I thought ’98 was only year the ws-6 had it. check to make sure yours is a ’99. The single exhaust could be a key collectible item in years to come. I thought the ’99 had gone to the dual exhaust which I really dont like. The firehawk dual/dual is the exhaust that looks the best and I was able to have it dealer installed on my ’98. I know of no other ’98 to have that option…

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