2014 Trans Am Nationals

Story by Frank Ochal, photos from Facebook

The 2014 Trans Am Nationals were held from August 22-24 in Fairborn, Ohio which is just outside of Dayton, Oho. There is always a large number of Firebirds and Trans Ams so the National Firebird and Trans Am Club participates in this event.

The turnout, as always was great as there were rows and rows of Firebirds and Trans Ams with many fine examples of all generations.

There were hundreds of cars that registered for the show and everyone had a great time. Thanks to the staff of dedicated people who put on the show and volunteered their time.

A great time was had by the attendees and the 31st Annual Trans Am National will be held in August 2015. Take a look at all the photos of the event and we know we will see you there!

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