NJ 2015 Trans Am/All Pontiac Run


by Ben Deutschman

Though delayed by 3 months, the NJ 2015 Trans Am/All Pontiac Run finally happened, no rain, not even the tiniest hint of rain.

Thanks to my Co-Chair for this event, Steve Reed, who absolutely went above and beyond, not only helping act as liaison between our contact in the Club that hosts the event we ended our run at, but also having secured Goodie Bags, things to put in those bags, creating and printing ‘People’s Choice’ Ballots for the NJ 2015 Trans Am/All Pontiac Run participants to use in order to vote for their favorite Trans Am and Pontiac, securing additional items for use as ‘Door Prizes’, such as AMES Performance engineering ‘Gift Certificates’, plus creating and funding the VERY nice Dash Plaques for this event Yes, Steve was TREMENDOUS help, and a real asset to this event.

We departed Edison NJ at 2:30 P.M., and had a reasonably uneventful trip down to the Howell NJ Chick-Fil-A Cruise Night, in that NO ONE’S vehicle broke down this time around, unlike last year.

When we arrived at the Chick-Fil-A, were directed to our own parking area, where once settled in, my right hand man Steve, was able to then corral our participants, so as to hand out the Goodie Bags, and where we could then both make sure our participants got their People’s Choice Ballots.

2015 Jersery Run 2015JerseryRun (9) 2015JerseryRun (10) 2015JerseryRun (11) 2015JerseryRun (12) 2015JerseryRun (13) After the Blue Moon Cruisers awarded their Trophies to the chosen winners, which included yours truly (Ben Deutschman), Steve Reed, and a number of our Run participants, we commenced our Awards ceremony, and the awarding of our Door Prizes.

We wrapped things up by around 6:30 P.M., a few of us hung out for a while to shoot the breeze, and by 7:00 P.M. the last of use were on our way home

A successful wrap up, of a successful event, another BIG thanks to the Blue Moon Cruisers for inviting us use their event as our Run destination, and now it’s on to planning our 2016 event.


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