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2021 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run

by Ben Deutschman

Edison, New Jersey to Watchung, New Jersey (Cinemark Theater)

July 10, 2021

While the early part of the day looked a bit uncertain in terms of the weather, the 2021 NJ Trans am/All Pontiac Run went on as scheduled, with the participants gathering in the usual staging area of the Parking Lot adjacent to the McDonalds on Rt. 1 and Prince St in Edison, New Jersey.

The iffy skies early on probably deterred a number of participants from coming out and joining our troop of Trans Ams, a Formula Firebird, and a Pontiac GTO. The departing vehicle count was 11 vehicles, with a twelfth vehicle, a Firebird convertible joining us at our destination in Watchung, New Jersey at the Cinemark Theater.

Once at the theater parking lot everyone settled in and then made a bee line for the cinema concession stand, somewhat overwhelming them a bit.

An unexpected, pleasant surprise was provided by the nearby Mexico Grill, who’s owner donated two small Pizza Boxes full of quesadillas, grilled cheese and chicken tortillas, and dipping sauce.

After everyone had a chance to eat, and relax a bit, the participants gathered by the theater, and I (Ben Deutschman), began a game of “guess what number I’m thinking of” to award the “giveaway items” graciously provided by the National Firebird and Trans Am Club.

Once the giveaway items had been won by the lucky ones who guessed the correct numbers I was thinking of, the “Best Trans Am” Trophy was awarded to the 1997 Black Trans Am Convertible, owned by Brian DeLuca. The best Pontiac went to Michelle Lopez’s silver 2006 GTO.

After the “giveaway” items and Trophy presentations were done, I thanked the Cinemark Theater Manager for allowing us to gather in the theater parking Lot, and visited Mexico Grill to thank the manager there for the food donation, and discussed congregating by the Mexico Grill as our 2022 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run destination.

1. National Firebird Trans Am Club T-Shirt winner-Bert Fernandez

2. National Firebird Trans Am Club “Technical Articles CD” winner Joyce McMullen.

3. National Firebird Trans Am Club “Membership Certificate” winner’ Mike McMullen.

4. Print copies of National Firebird Trans Am Club Eagle Magazine distributed to all participants.

2021 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run
2021 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run
2021 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run
2021 NJ Trans Am/All Pontiac Run