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’80 Trans Am of Craig Pelletier

This issue’s featured car is the ‘80 Trans Am of Craig Pelletier from North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Here is the story:

I am new to the club, but not new to Pontiac. My first cars when I was 16 was a 69’ Firebird 400 and a 69’ Firebird with the Pontiac 350. My current Firebird is a 1980 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am Indy Pace car. It has 52,000 miles and is all original. The decals are starting to fade, crack and slightly yellow. Overall the car is in really good shape. On the sail panels, I have the “500 Festival” logo. They are also fading and cracking the same amount as the rest of the cars decals. I believe they are original.

I am unable to find any info about the actual track cars. I realize it is not a “true” pace car. I believe it to be one of the press cars. Does anyone have any idea on how to verify that the vehicle was at the Indy 500 race on the track during the parade lap? I have searched the internet with no luck. I have decoded the VIN and other tags and it is a real pace car, but I could not find the build sheet. Editor’s Note: If you have any information that can help him, please contact him by email at Fnfast468@yahoo.com .