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A Pontiac Celebration 2012

For the second time, “A Pontiac Celebration” in Warwick, Rhode Island drew Pontiac lovers from throughout the Northeastern United States for a fun filled weekend to enjoy the cars and people of our great hobby. As by design, this “Celebration” is to showcase the great cars that we love so much, and to perpetuate the hobby by sharing them with everyone. Pontiac Clubs of all stripes are invited, and together bring a mixture representing every era and type of Pontiac from throughout the 84 years of Pontiac’s colorful history.

But, beyond the obvious fun of enjoying all these great Pontiacs, and visiting with all the dedicated people who bring these pieces of iron to life, “A Pontiac Celebration” reaches out beyond the hobbyplace and pulls all the members of our community together for an even greater cause– helping the fight against childhood cancer. Once again everyone rallied together and with all their energy we were again able to donate thousands of dollars to the two children’s charities we support: Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation for childhood cancer and The Tomorrow Fund helping children and families affected by cancer.

With show costs held as low as we possibly can, and not one penny going to anything beyond actual costs of services, we bring a family-style event to everyone, and they answer with their generosity in donations and purchases that support the charities.

Saturday morning dawned a little on the hazy side, but all reports had been for sunshine throughout the day. And by mid-morning the clouds burned off, and the sun came peaking out for a wonderful show day. Registration stayed busy as new arrivals continued through the morning.

Meanwhile out on the show field the crew was busy checking everyone in and getting them to their assigned spots. But it didn’t take long for the relaxed atmosphere of a beautiful day and a bunch of even more beautiful Pontiacs to fill the air. Besides people prepping their own cars, they strolled the grounds and visited with many more who where also enjoying the day. Cruisin’ Bruce Palmer entertained everyone with great music and took care of all the announcements for seminars, raffles, etc. He did a great job helping keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.

As the show day wound to a close, and participants hurried about to get their voting ballots turned in, preparations began for the evening BBQ banquet dinner and the awards presentations. Once again our theme of casual and family fun prevailed as friends and families gathered in the atrium and the room became a-buzz with discussions of the day, and no doubt predictions of winners from the very competitive show. It was apparent, however, from everyone’s smiles and laughter that all considered themselves a winner.

Following a great meal, Rick DiGiacomo introduced special guests and speakers, and then again with the help of Cruisin’ Bruce Palmer, set right to the much anticipated announcements of the car show winners. It was no small job to select specific cars to award out of so many great entrants.

In addition to the show classes, we had a number of Specialty Awards given out in specific categories. New for 2012 was the “Kid’s Choice Award” given out in special memory of longtime Pontiac hobbyist Ken Deming from Massachusetts. We were so fortunate to have Ken attend A Pontiac Celebration in 2010, but sadly lost him soon after. Our special thanks to Noel and Starr Evans from Connecticut who helped Ken so much, and helped make this special award possible. Enjoying, and sadly remembering, the people of this Pontiac hobby is what helps make it so special.

The evening ended with a promise to come together again in 2014 for another Pontiac Celebration– Eastern Regional Meet. We are happy to again report that we were able to donate many thousands of dollars to our two children’s cancer charities. . . all from the wonderful Pontiac hobbyists who not only enjoy their special cars, but use them to help an even greater cause. Our sincere thanks to all who attended, and enjoyed themselves. You have our promise of an even better time in 2014.

Following you will find a display of all our great Show Sponsors who help make this event possible. Please consider these businesses first when you need something for your hobby. There is also a listing in another article of the many show winners who we congratulate for their accomplishments. Once again PontiacRegistry.com is happy, and proud, to host such an event for such a worthwhile purpose. Our thanks to all who helped make “A Pontiac Celebration – 2012” a huge success. See you all in 2014!

CLASS , 1st PLACE , 1st Runner-Up , 2nd Runner-Up

H1) 1967–69 Firebird: Dave Brady ‘69 Firebird, Richard Roberts ‘68 Firebird, Mark Robitaille ‘67 Firebird

H2) 1970–81 Firebird: George Berg ‘73 Formula, Pete Slota ‘73 Firebird,

J1) 1969–73 Trans Am: George Berg ‘70 Trans Am, Gary Trombino ‘71 Trans Am, Rick Holloway ‘71 Trans Am

J2) 1974–78 Trans Am: Derek Fletcher ‘74 Trans Am, John Kunasek ‘78 Trans Am Charlie Barron ‘78 Trans Am

J3) 1979–81 Trans Am: Kenneth Usry ‘80 Trans Am, Fil Ferrauto ‘80 Trans Am, Star Theodosigu ‘79 Trans Am

K) 1982–2002 FB/TA/Firehawk/GTA: Rick Campana ‘00 Firehawk, Harry DeBernardo ‘79 Trans Am, Jim Napolitano ‘78 Trans Am


M7) 1967–78 Firebird/Trans Am: Richard Beer ‘78 Trans Am, John Burgess ‘69 Firebird, Jason Burgess ‘70 Firebird

M8) 1979–2002 Firebird/Trans Am: Tom Yannone ‘81 Trans Am, Jim Oliver ‘79 Trans Am, Carlos Martins ‘89 Trans Am


Best of Show: Jeff Goldstein ‘65 GTO; People’s Choice: Wheeler Bradley ‘57 Safari; PontiacRegistry.com Choice: Tom Yannone ‘81 Trans Am; Best In-Process Trophy: Becky Peluso ‘64 Lemans

A Pontiac Celebration 2012

A Pontiac Celebration – 2010

by Larry Kummer, hosted by www.PontiacRegistry.com

Perhaps starting with the “who” and “why” is the best place to start, and will eventually lead us to the “how and “what.”

As you noticed, “A Pontiac Celebration– 2010” had a two fold purpose. For all us Pontiac hobbyists, there was a need to “celebrate” the car and hobby that we all love so much after the kick in the buns we received with the announcement of Pontiac’s demise. Like a good Irish wake, we weren’t going to sit around and cry the blues… we were going to celebrate. But beyond that, “we” (I’ll introduce everyone soon) were going to put our Pontiac hobby to good use helping others who need our assistance– and so “Pontiacs with a Purpose”was born … “Pontiac Enthusiasts Support the Fight Against Childhood Cancer.”

I (Larry Kummer, your humble PontiacRegistry.com servant) am a cancer survivor of six years now, and could never imagine how children go through what I did– so I wanted to do something to help. Rick DiGiacomo, our Rhode Island “point man” without whom we could never have done what we did, has been supporting fund raising through shows and golf tournaments for a number of years to help The Tomorrow Fund as a thank you for their support of his family during the cancer battle that claimed his young grandson.

One thing lead to another as we visited off and on, and the idea for a show in Rhode Island to support Rick’s cancer charity (The Tomorrow Fund), and my PontiacRegistry.com supported charity (Alex’s Lemonade Stand) took shape. But we did not do this all by ourselves. Ideas, plans, donations to get started, logistics were needed…. a key group was formed.

Besides me and Rick, we could not have done the work without the help from Graham Webber of Bedfordshire, England, Doug Klein of Long Island, NY, Steve Peluso of Dedham, MA, and Don Bougher of Salem, OR. Thank god for e-mail! Further helping with the plans as well as with working during the event were Bob and Judy Cobb, Mike and Joan Daugherty, Ray Hogan and Arleen Cello, Phil and Gwen Randolph, Marge Sawruk and son John, Noel Evans … and many, many more who so graciously stepped up and helped.

Our thanks to everyone. Additional thanks to the many Pontiac Clubs from the surrounding area for their support, promotion, and participation. They are: the New England Fiero Association, the National Firebird & Trans Am Club, the Pioneer Valley GTO Club, the Connecticut GTO Club, and the Long Island GTO Club (all GTOAA chapters), the Charter Oaks Firebird Club, the Nutmeg, the Yankee, and the Long Island Chapters of POCI.Many more form other local clubs came out to support too.

The others who we have to thank are the many individuals and companies who gave so generously to support this event by purchasing advertising in our Event Booklet, sponsoring trophies and trophy classes, and donating items for our raffles. On the top of this list are our main Event Sponsor and Show Sponsors.

First and foremost, we thank Mark Kaufman from Pontiac Enthusiast magazine for his help with event advertising and support. While we are all sad to see PE being discontinued, we will never forget their help! Our Show Sponsors who generously donated to support our event were: NiteMare Performance & Restoration of North Haven, CT, a premier Pontiac shop; SMS Auto Fabrics of Canby, OR, the leader in interior restoration materials; Competitive Automotive of Warwick, RI, GM restoration specialists; Ames Performance Engineering of Spofford, NH, serving Pontiac enthusiasts for 34 years; RockAuto.com, a worldwide on-line automotive parts supplier; and Original Parts Group of Seal Beach, CA, supplying Pontiac restoration and performance parts.

Those who donated gifts and items to raffle were far too numerous to list completely. However, one person very special to all Pontiac hobbyists, who donated raffle items was Marge Sawruk. She generously donated items from John Sawruk’s personal stash of Pontiac treasures. John was a great supporter of the Pontiac hobby, and also worked to raise funds for and awareness of cancer research. We lost John all too soon to cancer, but some of his items will now go on to help others, as he would have wanted.

Another person who deserves very special mention is Robert Hoyle. Robert (“Bob”) is an attorney in Bradenton, Florida who generously donated his condo on Anna Maria Island for us to build upon as a “Florida Vacation Getaway Raffle Package.” And what a package we were able to put together! Besides the 5-days/4-nights on the Island, we put together many dinner gift certificates, gift shop certificates, museum passes, and other popular attraction tickets. The Florida raffle was a huge success, thanks to Bob’s generosity, and raised a good deal of money for our children’s charities. The lucky winner was retired Judge J. Savago from upstate New York, who was coincidently heading for Englewood,Florida (just south of Anna Maria Island) in October. Now he can enjoy some more time on the Island before heading back to the New York winter, just around the corner. Congratulations to the Judge.

Now, to quote Beetlejuice… “It’s Show Time!”

The Friday afternoon registration time could not have gone smoother. But that was not by accident. Rick, wife Lucille, and numerous family and friend helpers had everything in place and ready to roll. The only worry we had was the weather. Friday was supposed to be all sun shinny and clear sky after a front blew through. But good old Mother Nature was running behind schedule and Friday was a bit gray. However, by the time the evening rolled around, all was nice and our “Teddy Bear Cruise” to the host hotel was on. The parking lot soon filled up with Pontiacs that had arrived during the day, and local cruisers of all makes and models. As requested, participants brought children’s toys and gifts and made generous contributions throughout the night. A group of very attractive girls from a local college sorority “worked the crowd” Friday night and during the Saturday show for donations. Other hard workers included Rick’s daughter, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren who operated our Lemonade Stand and generated over $225.00 in donations to Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation for childhood cancer. Our thanks also to the Crowne Plaza host hotel for donating the lemonade and fixings.

Saturday dawned to blue skies and beautiful, mild temperatures– dare we say “A perfect day for a car show?!” Sure, there were clouds, but just the kind that kept you from taking a souvenir sunburn home. The beautiful grassy, rolling field filled quickly with Pontiacs of every type. And, vendors and arts & crafts artisans began setting up for everyone to enjoy. As beautiful Pontiacs were made even more beautiful with continued rubbing and polishing, voting for their favorites got under way… to some stiff competition too.

Before we forget, there is one additional person we have to compliment, and give a huge thanks to… that is “Cruizin’ Bruce Palmer” who from Friday night through Saturday, not only entertained the crowds with great music (a wide variety, not just doo-wop like at some shows), but also conducted our raffle drawings at the outside show field tent Saturday afternoon, and emceed our awards presentations after the dinner BBQ on Saturday night. Bruce is far more than a record spinner. He is a true professional entertainer– and best of all, a real car lover.

And speaking of car lovers, “A Pontiac Celebration– 2010” was a big success thanks to all the great Pontiac hobbyists– all 175 of them– who brought their pride and joys out for a great day… for a great cause. We thank everyone who participated, and look forward to seeing each and every one many more times as we travel our Pontiac world.

Following a long day, many met again Sunday for a full-spread Farewell Breakfast. Overheard were many comments of the great show, followed by remarks like “I can’t wait for next year’s show.” For now, the dust hasn’t even settled. And, most of us are just getting our second wind after a whirlwind of activity.

We will be bringing you more coverage of the show in more articles, as well as develop a special spot on our web site for postings of the event. Preliminary accountings show that we did VERY well raising donations of approximately $8,000.00 for our two children’s cancer charities, plus a huge amount of children’s toys and gifts that were donated to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Again, we thank all who helped and participated in our Celebration of this Great Pontiac Hobby!

A Pontiac Celebration 2010
A Pontiac Celebration 2010

A Pontiac Celebration 2010