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2009 All Firebird Lawn Show Story and Photos

by Keith Fuerst

The All Firebird Lawn Show at the Saratoga Auto Museum is rapidly approaching our “wildest dreams” that we have for this show. This year 157 Firebirds came from NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD, DE, VA, PA, OH, Florida, and even Arizona! Let’s not forget our friends from Canada. After expenses, the host club Firebird Nation of North America presented a check for $6,140 to Special Olympics.

On Friday evening the weather was absolutely gorgeous for the All Firebird Cruise. At the museum, forty three Firebirds gathered in the parking lot before cruising through the streets of Saratoga to Mr.Ed’s. Instantly an all Firebird show formed… much to the delight of the Firebird owners and Mr.Ed’s regular customers.

On Saturday, cars arrived early and often and by 11:00 am the field was filled with all four generations of Firebirds. A feast for the eyes, it’s obvious that the owner’s passion for these cars will keep the Pontiac name alive long after the Pontiac division dies an undeserved death. It was nice meet newcomers to the show and to see old friends who return to Saratoga year after year.

The date for next year’s show is: July 10, 2010. Rain date is July 11, 2010

A big thank you goes out to:

Event founder and organizer: Tom Smith

Trailer Queens: Sandy Smith, Margo Bagneschi, Arlene Delaney, Sandy Byron.

General Raffle Sales: Mary Schwartz and Judy Keehan.

50-50 Raffle Sales: Keith Tanny with his sons Jack and Sam.

Athlete Representatives: Brian Smith, Jennifer Delaney, Todd Byron, and DJ Nolan.

Parking Staff: Joel Auger, David Lord, Ron Delaney, Terry Bush, Ron Pratt, Ray Eggert, Jay Hill, Steve Reed, Gerry Garing.

Food Staff: Mike Bagneschi, Lisa Lord, Chris Radz, Terry Bush, Judy Keehan.

Judging Staff: Joe Carey, Ray DiCresenzo, Michael Tyler, Keith Fuerst, Eddie Barra, Dean Meneilley, Neil Silberkleit.

A special thanks to:

Alan Edstrom of the Saratoga Auto Museum and Ralph Mangino Jr. of Mangino Pontiac for their continued support. To NFTAC for suppling items and Eagle magazines for the show.

See 2010 show flyer and 2010 registation form and 2009 show pictures here:

Here is the 2009 All Firebird Lawn Show winners list:

Name Home town Class Place Year / Model

Kathy DeCrescenzo Clifton Park, NY 1967-1969 Stock 1st 1969 R/A III T/A

Paul Menin Ashley Falls, MA 1967-1969 Stock 2nd 1969 Firebird 400

Beth Ann Agostini Athens, VT 1967-1969 Stock 3rd 1968 Convertible

John Bianco Poughkeepsie, NY 1967-1969 Modified 1st 1969 Firebird

Tom Martens West Nyack, NY 1967-1969 Modified 2nd 1969 Firebird

Keith Tourville Cambridge, VT 1967-1969 Modified 3rd 1968 Firebird

Ray DeCrescenzo Clifton Park, NY 1970-1976 Stock 1st 1974 SD455 T/A

George Berg White Plains, MD 1970-1976 Stock 2nd 1973 Formula 400

Neil Silberkleit Oxford, CT 1970-1976 Stock 3rd 1970 T/A

Fred & Linda Martin Morrisonville, NY 1970-1976 Modified 1st 1974 T/A

Jay Hill Cohoes, NY 1970-1976 Modified 2nd 1976 T/A

Stuart Bach Bennington, VT 1970-1976 Modified 3rd 1976 Esprit

Jim Napoletano Norwalk, CT 1977-1981 Stock 1st 1979 10th Anniv T/A

George Berg White Plains, MD 1977-1981 Stock 2nd 1978 T/A

Tom Benvengi Sykesville, MD 1977-1981 Stock 3rd 1979 Black SETA

Phil Ginsberg NYC, NY 1977-1981 Modified 1st 1979 T/A

Nick Rossi South Salem, NY 1977-1981 Modified 2nd 1979 Esprit Redbird

John Kunasek Agawam, MA 1977-1981 Modified 3rd 1978 T/A

Jeff Clune Sparrowbush, NY 1982-1992 Stock 1st 1989 Turbo Pace Car

Joyce & Dean Meneilley Lansdowne, Ont 1982-1992 Stock 2nd 1986 T/A

Adam Sweeney Burlington, VT 1982-1992 Stock 3rd 1988 Firebird

Brad Zeigler Harleysville, PA 1982-1992 Modified 1st 1982 T/A

Steve Reed Brick, NJ 1982-1992 Modified 2nd 1989 Formula 350

Dianna Seymour Plattsburgh, NY 1982-1992 Modified 3rd 1988 T/A

Ryan & Grace Corcoran Milford, PA 1993-2002 Stock 1st 1994 25th Anniv Firehawk

Michael Adamski Fleetwood, PA 1993-2002 Stock 2nd 2002 Firehawk

Stephen Dike Milton, VT 1993-2002 Stock 3rd 2002 Firehawk

Matthew Bohn Blairstown, NJ 1993-2002 Modified 1st 2001 Firehawk T/A

Chris Gennaro Carmel, NY 1993-2002 Modified 2nd 1999 T/A

Andrew DiSalvo Ravena, NY 1993-2002 Modified 3rd 2002 T/A

Andrew Colling Monson, MA Best of Show 1967 Firebird 400

Andrew DiSalvo Ravena, NY Athletes’ Choice 2002 T/A

A.J. Viruet Edison, NJ Coach’s Choice 2001 Formula

Dianna Seymour Plattsburgh, NY Dealer’s Choice 1988 T/A

Mark Rocheleau Swanton, VT Museum Choice 1977 SETA

Brent & Wendy Rowland Loretto, Ont Joe Nolan Award 2002 Firehawk

2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show
2009 All Firebird Lawn Show

2008 All Firebird Lawn Show

Story bv Keith Fuerst
Photos by Keith Fuerst and Tom Smith

We were concerned about the effect of $4 a gallon gas and a monsoon like weather pattern on attendance of the 6th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show at the Saratoga Auto Museum, but prayers for good weather were answered in Saratoga Springs. Unfortunately the weather in southern New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania prevented some Firebird enthusiasts in those states from attending the festivities.

On Friday night, early Birds gathered for a show “appetizer” at the Saratoga Auto Museum. Firebird enthusiasts mingled in front of the museum, cameras in hand, introducing themselves, and of course the subject of conversation was…Firebirds!! The Saratoga Springs PD provided an escort for 37 Firebirds on a cruise past Saratoga Lake, Saratoga Thoroughbred horse track, and Saratoga Racing and Gaming Racino, to Mr. Ed’s Ice Cream and Pizza Station. It’s very nice to see people’s reaction when such a long line of Firebirds go cruising by! Ironically, the number of cars in the cruise this year is the same as the total number of Firebirds at the 1st All Firebird Lawn Show. It’s amazing just how much this show has grown.

On Saturday, much to the delight of the host club, Firebird Nation of North America, a show record of 139 Firebird owners did not let the price of fuel keep them from enjoying a day of fun in the sun and showing off their Pontiac F-bodies. A bigger surprise was that the participants opened their wallets and helped to raise almost $6,000 to benefit Special Olympics Saratoga. Combined with donations from show sponsors, this year’s total was another show record.

Once again the Firebirds on the large rectangular show field were truly amazing. However you like your Firebird, from stock to wild custom, from flames to Pro Street, it was there. As usual, judging these fine examples of Pontiac muscle was extremely tough. Judges Joe Carey, Ray DeCrescenzo, Eddie Barra, Keith Fuerst and Dean Meneilley rolled up their sleeves and got the job done.

There are many people to credit for the success of this show. The “Head Cheese” Tom Smith and his wife Sandy who work year round to organize this event. FNONA members Keith Fuerst, Joe Carey, Keith Tanney, Dave, Lisa, and Trish Lord, Eddie Barra, Ron Pratt, Joel Auger, John Green, and Dean Meneilley. We also thank our Special Olympics athlete representatives Brian Smith, Anthony Larmon, Daniel Larmon, Ernie Dillon, Todd Byron, DJ Nolan, and Jennifer Delaney. We also thank Special Olympics Saratoga County coaches and volunteers Mike and Margo Bagneschi, Ron and Arlene Delaney, Sandy Byron, Chris Radz, and Don Nolan. Volunteer friends included Barb and Henry Gepfert, and Ray DeCrescenzo

Special thanks go out to Alan Edstrom of the Saratoga Auto Museum and Show sponsor Ralph Mangino Jr. of Mangino Pontiac, and NFTAC for generously donating raffle items and Eagle Magazines.

The date for next year’s show is July 11, 2009. Rain date is July 12, 2009. Following is the 2008 All Firebird Lawn Show Winners List:

Name            Home town      Class            Year / Model

Tony Tirone         Poughkeepsie, NY   Best of Show         1977 SE Black T/A
Bill Thompson      Acra, NY      Athletes’ Choice      1984 Knight Rider replica
Phil & Julie Dickler      Valley Stream, NY   Coach’s Choice      1996 Winston Cup Pace Car
Adam Hoffman      Schenectady, NY   Museum Choice      1967 Sprint
Donald Allen         Savannah, NY      Dealer’s Choice      1986 T/A
Ryan & Grace Corcoran   Milford, PA      Joe Nolan Award      1995 Firehawk

Beth Ann Agostini      Athens, VT      1967-1969      1st   1968 Convertible
Tom Martens         West Nyack, NY   1967-1969      2nd   1969
Bill & Connie Gebo      Lake Luzerne, NY   1967-1969      3rd   1969
John Murphy         Buskirk, NY      1967-1969      4th   1969
Douglas Bussing      Stillwater, NY      1967-1969      5th   1969
Sam Wahnon         Saratoga Springs NY   1967-1969      6th   1967 Convertible

Greg & Denise Bleamer   Palmerton, PA      1970-1976      1st   1971 T/A
Chuck & Ann Marie Gifford   Roaring Brook, PA   1970-1976      2nd   1976 50th Anniversary
George Berg         White Plain, MD   1970-1976      3rd   1973 R/A III Formula
Rob Ryan         Liverpool, NY      1970-1976      4th   1973 Firebird
Chris Lepri         Naugatuck, CT   1970-1976      5th   1972 T/A
George Berg         White Plain, MD   1970-1976      6th   1970 T/A

Nick Rossi         South Salem, NY   1977-1981      1st   1979 Esprit Redbird
John Kunasek         Feeding Hills, MA   1977-1981      2nd   1978 T/A
Steve Mastrianni      Schenectady, NY   1977-1981      3rd   1979 T/A
Harry DeBernardo      Branford, CT      1977-1981      4th   1979 T/A
Angelo Psaras         Hopewell Jcn, NY   1977-1981      5th   1977 T/A
Louie Hershberg      Burlington, VT   1977-1981      6th   1978 T/A
Ray Adamski         Nazareth, PA      1977-1981      7th   1977 T/A
David Newcomb      Schenectady, NY   1977-1981      8th   1978 Formula

Donald Ogilvie      Fitchburg, MA   1982-1992      1st   15th Anniversary T/A
Holly Rushlow      Richford, VT      1982-1992      2nd   1989 GTA
Mark & Janie Goldman   Endicott, NY      1982-1992      3rd   1986 T/A
Rit & Cindy Sindoni      Schenectady, NY   1982-1992      4th   1991 Formula
Adam Sweeney      Burlington, VT   1982-1992      5th   1988 Firebird
Mary Lou Palmer      Brant Lake, NY   1982-1992      6th   1986 T/A

Jeff Clune         Sparrow Bush, NY   1993-2002      1st   1999
30th Ann. Convertible
Gary Blond         Clifton Park, NY   1993-2002      2nd   2001 T/A
Stephen Dike      Milton, VT      1993-2002      3rd   2002 Firehawk
Louie Delmonico      East Greenbush, NY   1993-2002      4th   1999 T/A Convertible
Kim & Holly Rushlow   Richford, VT      1993-2002      5th   2002 T/A CE
A.J. Viruet         Edison, NJ      1993-2002      6th   2001 Formula
Pierre Trudel      Daveluyville, QC   1993-2002      7th   2002 T/A CE

Dennis Tice         Delanson, NY      Super Street      1st   1967
Sue & Pete Holland   Easton, PA      Super Street      2nd   1979 T/A
William Meyer      Schenectady, NY   Super Street      3rd   1985

5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show

2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 Firebird Lawn Show

Story by Keith Fuerst

Pictures by Pete Manos, Phil Ginsberg, Richard Millier, Ralph Mangino, Tom Smith, and Keith Fuerst

The fact that the 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show at Saratoga Auto Museum, hosted by Firebird Nation of North America, has come and gone is proof that “time flies when you’re having fun.” This show has grown from a local gathering of Firebird owners to a regional show covering 10 states and Canada. In 2007 another attendance record was set…127 Firebird owners decided they couldn’t miss out on all the fun. Cars shows are great but what makes this one more special is that it’s a fund raiser for Special Olympics Saratoga. Almost $ 5,000 was raised at the 2007 show. Thanks to some very generous Firebird owners and sponsors that figure was a new show record.
2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn Show 2007 5th Annual All Firebird Lawn ShowA car show this big doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of work. The driving force behind the show is founder Tom Smith and co-founder wife Sandy Smith who handled all the organizational details from A to Z. They are certified Special Olympics coaches and Firebird owners. They lead a dedicated group of volunteers to produce this ever growing event. The volunteers are judges Joe Carey, Neil Silberkleit, Eddie Barra, and Keith Fuerst; the registration queens Sandy Smith, Susan Banker, Arlene Delaney and Sandy Byron; the food and beverage staff David, Lisa and Trish Lord. Special Olympics volunteers Judy Keehan, Mary Schwartz, and Chris Radz sold raffle tickets. FNONA member Keith Tanny sold 50/50 raffle tickets with half of the proceeds going to Special Olympics. Special Olympics athletes Brian Smith, Todd Byron, Jennifer Delaney, and John Schwartz selected the winner of the Athlete’s Choice trophy and gave out ribbons to 25 of their favorite Firebirds. Athlete DJ Nolan provided the music and announcements.

On Friday afternoon there was a meet and greet at the
Saratoga Auto Museum for Firebird owners who just couldn’t wait until Saturday to feed their Firebird addiction. An SSPD police escort arranged by FNONA vice president Joe Carey lead 25 Firebirds on a cruise to Mr. ED’s Ice Cream and Pizza Station. On Saturday the show was blessed with great weather except for one nasty looking rain cloud that made everyone nervous…. until it passed by without leaving a single drop.
There was some top quality eye candy in the form of Firebirds in all directions on the show field. Cars included a pristine 69 T/A Ram Air III and 70 T/A Ram Air IV, both owned by Ray and Kathy DeCrescenzo. These cars drew an instant crowd that lasted most of the day. Other birds of note included a 94 25th anniversary T/A Firehawk convertible, 1 of 2 made, a 77 T/A with a 502… 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th Anniversary Trans Ams, and a 74 SD 455. Also some black and gold Special Editions, a few Sprint 6 Firebirds and some very well cared for high mileage Firebirds and Formulas of all years made a strong presence.

Thanks go out to Alan Edstrom of
Saratoga Auto Museum for his help and support. Thanks also to Ralph Mangino Jr. of Mangino Pontiac for sponsorship and dash plaques. Much gratitude to all the members of NFTAC, Trans Am Country, Charter Oak Birds, Connecticut F-Body Association, Firebirds Forever and the Ohio Firebirds for making the long trek to the show. Much appreciation to Rob, Frank and NFTAC for the raffle items, Eagle Magazines, and coverage of this show in Eagle Magazine. July 5, 2008 (rain date July 6, 2008) is the date for this year’s show. Please join us for some Firebird fun.

2006 All Firebird Lawn Show Report & Photos

I’m happy to report that the 4th Annual Firebird Lawn Show at the Saratoga Automobile Museum was a complete success! The weather was almost perfect-sunny, warm and not too humid. This year’s show was the largest to date- 109 Firebirds, T/As, Firehawks, GTAs showed up in Saratoga from 9 states and Canada to share our love of Firebirds and raise money for the Special Olympics. A total of 4100 dollars was raised, another show record.

Some of the cars at the show were-a 74 SD 455, a Notchback GTA, Notchback Formula, a #2 of 6 2002 Mecham Trans Am, 80,81, 89,96 pace cars, a Father (20th anniv. T/A) and Son (25th anniv. T/A), a 67 Firebird stuffed with a built 455, KITT, Bandits- most of them met up at a hotel and arrived at the show in one long line!! A bone stock 80 turbo Bandit T/A… well not exactly, under the hood was a twin turbocharged 455 putting out 848 hp at the rear wheels!! WOW. Talk about a sleeper!! Yes the owner had the dyno paper work to back up those numbers. Once again the quality of cars was amazing.

I’d like to thank my fellow NFTAC members who made it to the show. Also the members of Firebird Nation of North America who attended and Trans Am Country- many who drove three, four and up to eight hours to get to the show.

Thanks to Rob, Frank and NFTAC for providing items for the show. Hope to see you at the next show on July 7, 2007.

Keith Fuerst