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Letters to Save Pontiac

My name is Nick and I am still in the fight to save Pontiac until the beginning of next year, and I am asking for your help. Please ask your members to consider writing a few E-mails and letters on behalf of rescuing Pontiac. I ask for no money and all it takes is a few stamps and a little bit of their time. First, everyone should send an E-mail to editor Tom DeMauro at High Performance Pontiac magazine at Tom.Demauro@sorc.com . He is seeking comments from people who want Pontiac to return. He will then turn these comments over to GM and Michigan senators.

Next, Pontiac fans should write to Magna International. This Canadian and Austrian company is huge and nearly purchased Opel from GM last summer. GM changed their mind at the last minute and the deal fell through. They are an international auto parts firm and even operate assembly lines for other auto makers. They have the means to revive Pontiac. I have already written to two addresses – their Canadian headquarters and U.S. office. Here it is:

Magna International
Attn: Company CEO
337 Magna Drive
Aurora , Ontario

Magna International of America Inc.
Attn: Company President
600 Wilshire Drive
Troy, Michigan 48084

And finally, if enthusiasts want to go one extra mile they can write to Exxon Mobil. They have vast financial resources and who says an oil company can’t own a car company?

Sounds a bit off, but they can make it happen if they believe it is a good investment. Pontiac fans can convince them that it is. What have we got to lose? I already wrote them a letter. Here’s the address :

Mr. Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman and CEO
Exxon Mobil Corporation
5959 Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, Texas 75039

Thank you for your time in reading my letter. Any help you and your club members can offer is greatly appreciated, Nothing will happen unless we all work TOGETHER.

Nick S.

Saving Pontiac at www.savingpontiac.org

A group of Executives who believe that government should be held to a responsible standard for managing our assets; and also are Pontiac enthusiasts that want the brand to survive have created www.Savingpontiac.org , as a non-partisan organization designed to ignore the politicizing of all government decisions, to take advantage of an existing, unique and singular opportunity to CREATE JOBS NOW by saving Pontiac!!

Sample Petition to be sent (available online at www.savingpontiac.org for direct submission)

To: Congress of the United States; The Treasury Department; and Mr. Ron Bloom (“Car Czar”)

We, the undersigned, do hereby strongly request and ardently urge that General Motors, which is 61% owned by the taxpayers of America, be instructed to divest, to third parties, its ownership in the Pontiac brand and available, dormant manufacturing facilities to support the Pontiac brand in order to ensure that this car company will be permanently in operation in the United States. This divestiture would be for the purpose of ensuring thousands of jobs are kept in America, that American manufacturing capability will be kept in this country and Americans will continue to have a choice of American made automobiles for the long term.

We also believe that this divestiture can be done in a manner which is for the enrichment of the American public and the employees of the “new Pontiac” as opposed to the enrichment of a small number of owners or financiers. The American people have already bought these assets with little likelihood of repayment. The people who own these assets should be able to use them for themselves and to stop what amounts to restraint of trade by General Motors.

www.Savingpontiac.Org and the undersigned encourage the Government to move quickly to minimize damage to the brand by the continuing “shut down” of Pontiac that is currently being executed by the management of General Motors.


(signature and printed name)